Aggressive Fish

Great White Shark

See the picture of that guy above you? Now that's an aggressive fish. You definitely don't want to put him in your tank. Not only will he eat your other fish but he will eat you to. With all kidding aside, this type of fish are pretty cool. These fish can be bullies. They can be very tempermental and don't like to be pushed around. They tend to be more territorial than other fish and like to show everyone who is boss. That's why you don't want to put the peacefull Neon with a Pacu. When you wake up in the morning you'll probably find your Neon missing and your Pacu has a fat belly. Here's just a few of these tough guys.

Red Bellied Piranha

As you probably already know, the Red Bellied Piranha is a very aggressive fish. You shouldn't even think about buying this exotic creature unless you are a very experienced hobbyist. They are very dangerous and even illegal in some states.

Pacu Fish

Pacus are very large aggressive fish and are related to the Piranha but not quite as aggressive. The should be kept in larger tanks like 55 gallons or more because they can reach lengths of 12-30 inches. They do attack larger fish and should be kept with larger fish such as Oscars, Plecos and Barbs.

Silver Dollar Fish

The Silver Dollar Fish resembles a silver dollar. Just don't take it to a store and try to buy some beer. These tropical fish are generally peaceful but tend to get more aggressive when they get bigger. They also tend to get quite large so keeping them in a larger aquarium such as 55 gallons should be considered.

Jewel Cichlids

The Jewel Cichlids also know as African Cichlids tend to be quite aggressive and are best kept with their own species such as Kribensis and the Electric Yellow Cichlid. These fish like plants and rocks so they can feel secure.


Kribensis fish like a heavily planted aquarium that also offers shelter in the form of caves, rocks etc. They can be a bit timid and aggressive and the males are more colorful than the females. Other than flake food they also like to eat Tubifex worms and Daphnia. They can grow up to 3 inches long.

Yellow Cichlid

The yellow Cichlid is an aquarium favorite not only because of its brilliant color but also because it is generally a peaceful species. However, rival males can become quite aggressive towards each other if over crowding occurs. They have a brilliant yellow coloring that sets them apart from other Cichlids. The Yellow Cichlid likes to eat foods such as brine shrimp, bloodworms, and a quality flake or pellet food.

Red Oscar

Red Oscars can grow over 12 inches long so make sure you have a large tank to hold these monsters. Oscars are very aggressive and will eat anything and anyone so don't go swimming in your aquarium with these guys. Oscars like to tear up live plants so maybe plastic plants should be a general choice when keeping these fish. They have been known to live up to 25 years.

Convict Fish

Convicts are very hardy and aggressive territorial fish. They get their name because of their black and white stripes on it's body that resembles prison uniforms. These prisoners are very quick and enjoy caves with well planted plants.

Tiger Barbs

Tiger Barbs are another popular tropical fish that can be quite aggressive and territorial and should be kept in larger tanks. They have a black and orange stripe that resemble the Bengal Tiger. These types of fish shuld be kept with other aggressive fish such as plecos, barbs, rainbows and loaches. They do like to hide so provide plenty of plants and decorations in your aquarium.

Green Barbs

Green Barbs are somewhat aggressive because they like to nip on fins of other fish. These types of fish have a beautiful green color and resembles Tiger Barbs. They are very popular among other aquarists when choosing the right aquarium fish for their tanks.

Suckermouth Catfish

The Suckermouth Catfish is another very popular aggressive fish. They can grow up to a foot long and can be slightly territorial. These aquarium fish are great for removing algae from your aquarium and have a cool looking leopard pattern on their bodies.

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