Aquarium Fish Food

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There are many types aquarium fish food to choose from. Most fish like me will eat anything. By combining different types of food, you can give your fish a head start on good nutrition. You need to provide proteins, fats, vitamins and carbohydrates. Lack of proper nutrition can make your fish more susceptible to disease.

Flake Fish Food

flake fish food

Flake foods are a very popular among hobbyist because they contain most of the nutrients your fish need to survive. They come in flakes, disks and large pellets.

Frozen Food

pellet fish food

Frozen foods are usually mixed with brine shrimp, silversides, bloodworms, daphnia, meat and vegetables. It usually comes in a cube and it slowly melts when you put it in water. Put the cube in a glass of aquarium water and let it melt before you put it in your tank. My fish love this type of food and I usually give it to them as a treat about twice a week.



Spirulinia is a natural micro algae that is rich in proteins, helps enhance color and promotes a healthy mucus to your fish's skin. It give them healthier fins and builds up their resistance to skin infections. It contains fatty acids that is important in devoloping the body's organs.



Vegetable matter are enjoyed by freshwater fish. Many species like catfish and cichlids enjoy vegetables. You can buy vegetable fish food or you can prepare them at home. Take some lettuce or spinach leaves and boil them till they are soft. Then you can put them on a feeding clip that you can buy at your local pet store. Aquarium fish also enjoy potato, peas and zucchini. If you plan on giving your fish vegetables, make sure you remove any uneaten food at the end of the day because they spoil fast.

Live Food

Some people like to feed their fish live aquarium fish food. Since many pet shops don't carry live food, your best bet is to purchase them on the internet. Here are a few sites to get you started.

Worm Farm

Feeder Goldfish

Baby Brine Fish

Here are some popular live foods that your fish will love.

BRINE SHRIMP - These shrimp are tiny crustaceans and are mostly carried frozen but you can buy them live.

INFUSORIA - These are small animal protozoans that are great for small fish and newborns. They are very tiny and form a cloud when added to your aquarium. They actually look like small dust particles.

ROTIFERS - Rotifers ae small invertebrates that are raised on farms.

TUBIFEX, BLOODWORMS, MOSZUITO LARVAE, EARTHWORMS - This type of live food can give your fish digestive problems so give them to your fish periodically as a treat. If you're giving your fish earthworms, clean the worms with water and chop them up before giving them to your fish.

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