Aquarium Maintenance For Your Tropical Fish

Aquarium Maintenance is very important if you want your tropical fish to live happy healthy lives. Many factors including stress, bacteria, fungus, parasites, chemicals, and poor water conditions can cause disease that can kill your fish. By doing simple daily, weekly and monthly maintenance, you can dramatically reduce the risk of disease.

Daily Maintenance


Daily maintenance is pretty simple and straight forward. Check all the mechanical equipment such as the filter. Make sure the water is flowing smoothly. Check to make sure the filter tubes are clogged or the filter cartridge is clogged. If they are clogged, either replace the cartridge or just rinse them under water until they are clean. The motor could be wearing down and needs to be replaced. Sometimes you can tell something is wrong by just listening. Just the sound of the filter can give you a warning that something is wrong. If it doesn't sound like it normally does, maybe there's a problem.

Check your air pumps to make sure they are in working condition. Check for air leaks and make sure the pump isn't overheating. Look into your aquarium to see if the bubbles are flowing.

Keep an eye on the water temperature. It only takes a second. Any fluctuation by 2 degrees can cause serious problems for your fish. Check the temperature the same time everyday. One common cause of overheating is to much artificial light. I use a timer to turn the light on in the morning and off at night. If your tank gets to much sunlight you might have to move your tank to a different location.

Check Your Fish

When you get up in the morning, take a quick inventory of your fish. If any fish have died remove them immediately. Dead fish can cause serious biological problems. If any fish seem sick or diseased, remove them and put them in a hospital tank and begin treatment. Watch your fish to see if they are swimming normally or are hiding in the corner of your tank. This is a sign that they might be getting sick. Look over their bodies to see if anything is different . This is easy tropical fish care. Click Here For Diseases And Treatments

Weekly Maintenance

Check The Water

It's a good idea to change about 15 percent of your water each week. Some filter systems claim that you never had to do this but I believe it's a good idea to change your water to keep your water in tip top condition. Check your ph and nitrate levels with a test kit and make sure they are in the proper range. If they are not within range, you can add chemicals to keep the proper ph range. The proper range should be kept within 2.0 or the proper Ph. Also make sure you add dechlorinator when adding water from your tap. I also like to leave water standing overnight. This helps get rid of the chlorine that's in your tap water.

Some hobbyist claim that you should siphon all the waste from your gravel for proper aquarium maintenance. I do this every other week instead. I've never had a problem when I do this every other week rather than once a week. You can buy a simple gravel cleaner at the pet store to clean your gravel that's not very expensive.

Make Your Fish Fast

Fasting often happens in the wild and it helps clean out your fish's digestive system and guards against constipation problems. Just remember to fast your fish the same day of the week. This is very important in aquarium maintenance.

Monthly Maintenance

Try to do your monthly aquarium maintenance the same day each month. Replace all filter mediums that contain carbon. Carbon loses it's effectiveness after a period of time. If your filter doesn't have carbon, rinse the medium under water. Clean all the algae that grows on the side of your tank with an algae brush.

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