Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plants is a must for any fish lover. You just need to decide if you want live or artifical. Live aquarium plants provide more of a natural habitat and offer more benefits than artificial plants. During daylight hours, they absorb carbon dioxide and sulfur substances and in return gives off oxygen which helps keep your fish tank healthy. However at night, carbon dioxide levels rise and oxygen levels will drop so it's a good idea to have an airstone run at night. Your fish will love you for it.

They also break down waste which helps you keep your fish tank clean. Many of your fish love to nibble on the leaves which will add to your fish's color.

There are 3 types: aquatic, marginal and terrestrial

Aquatic - This species can be submerged beneath the water line and will die if they are removed from the water.

Marginal - This species are submerged beneath the water only part time. They will also flower and seed out of the water during dry periods.

Terrestrial - This species live on land and do not survive long if they're submerged in water

To keep them healthy, you need proper temperature, food, substrate, water conditions and lighting.

Temperature - Each species requires different temperature so make sure they are compatable. Food - You can buy liquid feeders and tablets at your local pet store. Substrate - Gravel or course sand is great for allowing water to move through their roots. Water - A good power filter or canister filter is suffecient for clean water. Lighting - Most plants require at least 8 hours of light per day. Again, each plant is different so make sure they are compatable.

Types Of Aquarium Plants

Here are some popular aquarium plants with pictures belowDwarf Swordplant,Corkscrew Val,Hornwart,Hairgrass,Amazon Sword,Java Fern,Green Cabomba,Mangrove,Giant Hygrophila

Dwarf Sword Plant Cordscrew Hornwart Hairgrass Amazon Sword Java Fern Green Cabomba Mangrove Giant Grophila

Artifical Plants

Artificial plants of course will not die, grow to big and are easily cleaned. They don't require any light and still provide protection for some of your timid fish. Many look so real, the untrained eye won't even know they are fake. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors. They will not decay and bring unwanted pests or parasites in your fish tank like snails. The downside is that they don't provide anything beneficial to your tank like oxygen and they don't absorb carbon dioxide. They also don't absorb toxins and carry good bacteria and be used as a food source for your fish.

If you plan on buying artificial, do yourself a favor and don't buy poor quality plants. They look fake and ruin the look of your aquarium. You'll find that artificial plants really aren't that expensive and some come with cool attachments like rocks and caves.

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