Aquarium Fish Food

fish food

Just like us humans, your aquatic pets need proper nutrition. The proper fish food will help keep your pets healthy and active. You can find the proper fish food using manufactured food but you can also provide the proper diet with products around your home like vegetables. Fish food can include dried flakes, brine & fresh shrimp, tubifex worms, pellets, daphnia and more. The most important aspect is quality. Make sure they are enriched with vitamins and minerals to help promote good health. Personally I enjoy watching my aquatic friends eat. They seem to know when it's feeding time by the way they all assemble to the top of the aquarium as if a riot is about to start. One trait that fish don't have is manners. They steal from each other, take the biggest pieces and don't like to share. But it's also a good way to check them out for any signs of illness or disease.

Fish Food Components

Carbohydrates - This provides energy and helps them fight disease.

Proteins - Helps build strong muscles and tissue. It helps promote physical growth in your younger fish.

Vitamins - A balanced diet of vitamins include Vitamin A ( eggs, greens, crustaceans ), Vitamin B ( fish, greens, algae, beef ), Vitamin C ( algae ), Vitamin D ( worms, algae, shrimp ), Vitamin E ( eggs, algae ), Vitamin H ( eggs, liver ) and Vitamin K ( liver, greens ).

Feeding Your Fish

fish food

The general rule in feeding your fish is what they can eat in a period of 3 to 5 minutes per feeding. Feed you fish 3 times a day. Because many fish are nocturnal, it's a good idea to feed them at different times of the day. Also, make sure they fast one day a week. Fish in the wild actually do this and it helps keep their dietary tract in good condition.
Types Of Aquarium Fish Food

Fat Fish

Fat Fish

One mistake a lot of new hobbyist make is they tend to overfeed their fish. A fish's stomach is no larger that it's eye so a little common sense goes a long way. Overfeeding leads to obesity and other health issues. If there is to much food in the aquarium, it can build up and foul the water which can lead to disease. A lot of the wasted food will accumulate to the bottom of the tank and begin to spoil. If your fish happened to eat it, they can become sick.

Automatic Fish Feeder

Fish Feeder

If you are going on vacation try to find someone who can feed your fish. Make sure they understand exactly how much they should feed your buddies. It might even be a good idea to place individual servings in a plastic bag. That way they will never overfeed your fish. Another option is an automatic feeder. These feeders attach to your aquarium and dispense the proper amount of food at preset daily intervals set by you.

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