Fish Supplies To Start Your Aquarium

Aquarium Supplies

When setting up your aquarium, your are going to need some basic fish supplies. These are the basic products that every home aquarium hobbyist will need. On this page I'll show you what you need, why you need it and a few tips to go along with it. After you get these fish supplies, you will be on your way to a great hobby that you will enjoy for a lifetime.


Fish Tanks

Aquarium tanks come in many sizes, shapes and styles. Many beginners might think that a 10 gallon tank is perfect to start a new hobby. The problem with a smaller tank is that they are harder to work with. Smaller aquariums have more problems with foul water conditions leaving fish more prone to disease. Try to buy the largest tank within your budget. A larger tank provides more biological stability for your fish

Hood And Lighting

Aquarium Hood

Every tank needs a hood and good lighting. A hood of course will prevent fish from jumping out. All fish need good lighting. But they also need down time to rest. It's a good idea to buy a timer so you can set when to turn your lights on and off. I set mine to turn on when I usually get up in the morning and I set it to turn off when I go to bed. Usually a hood and lighting comes as a combo.


Aquarium Gravel

Gravel comes in many different sizes and colors. They are also know as substrates. Gravel plays an important role because of the biological cycle it offers. Bacteria grows on top of the gravel and helps breakdown waste. It is also useful in anchoring down all your plants and decorations. One drawback of gravel is that it doesn't provide any nutrition for live plants and you would have to provide liquid food for your plants.

Heater & Thermometer

Aquarium Heaters

The heater is one of the most important elements for your aquarium. It's best to keep your water temperature between 74-80 degrees. That's where the thermometer comes in handy. You can buy thermometers that attach to a suction cup which attaches to the inside of your aquarium. Heaters come in 2 main types.SUBMERSIBLE - Are completely submerged underwater.NON-SUBMERSIBLE - The heater hangs outside the aquarium while the heating element hangs underwater.To determine the right size heater is easy. Just allow 5 watts of heater per gallon. EXA: 50 gallons X 5 = 250 watts of heater.


Aquarium Filter

Filters play an essential role in mechanical, biological and chemical function. Some filters cover only on function while others may cover more.

What Aquarium Filter Is Right For You

Air Pumpls And Tubing

Aquarium Pump

Air pumps aren't really a must for your list of fish supplies unless your are operating a under gravel or corner filter. But they do offer some cool bubble sounds and operate certain decorations like floating divers or a treasure chest that opens & closes using an air pump. The tubing connects the decorations and filters to the air pump.


Aquarium Plants

Plants to me are a must for any aquarium. Live plants are a little harder to take care of but the natural look & biological benefits out weigh the cons of live plants. Today's plastic plants look more real than ever and the untrained eye will never know the difference. Plants also provide a safe haven for those shy fish that like to hide from all those bully fish.

Which Plants Are Right For You


Aquarium Decorations

There are many types of decorations to put into your aquarium. Things like bobbing alligators, treasure chest, sunken ships, castles and skeletons are just to name a few. In my opinion, to many of these decorations will make your tank look a little silly. I like a lot of plants with maybe 1 or 2 decorations that can blend in nicely with your plants. That's just my opinion but just use a little common sense when making these decisions.

Fish Food

Fish Food

Just like you, your fish need to eat. Unfortunately if you put a Big Mac in your aquarium your aquatic pets will think you're crazy and Big Mac's are not on my Fish Supplies list. But there are many nutritional products at your local fish store that your fish will love your for it. This includes dried flakes, shrimp both brine and fresh, algae, pellets, tubifex worms, just to name a few. When selecting your aquarium foods, make sure they are enriched with plenty of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Guide To Feeding Your Fish

Fish Net

Aquarium Net

Nets are needed for catching fish both dead and alive. It's a lot easier using a net than your hands when netting a dead fish. Fish come in different shapes and sizes so it might be a good idea to get more than one net. Fish net are also very inexpensive.

Water Test Kit

Water Test Kit

Getting a test kit to maintain healthy water is essential. You need to continue to test for your water's ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels. These kits help keep your levels to where they should be.



Chlorine that comes in your tap water is very unsafe for your tropical fish. Fish supplies such as a Dechlorinator such as Stress Coat can remove chlorine safely from your tap water. It's great for water changes, adding new fish to your tank and new aquarium set-ups.

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