Sick Tropical Fish

Sick Fish

Every once in awhile you will have sick tropical fish. When they do get ill, it a good idea to put them in a hospital tank to treat them. It is much more practical to treat your fish in a separate hospital tank because many medications affect different species in different ways. For example, malachite green that is used to treat ich in most species can possibly kill tetras in your aquarium. Treating diseased fish in a hospital tank also lowers the risk of the disease spreading in your main tank. Many antibiotics also can possibly destroy essential bacteria and cut down on the tank's biological filtration system.

To treat your tropical buddies, just get a small 5 gallon tank. Also get a small corner box filter. Corner Box Filter

One thing you need to do is not to add any carbon to the filter. The carbon absorbs much of the medication. Frequent water changes that you need to do during treatment is much easier to do in a small tank. You will also need a submersible heater with an internal rheostat lets you monitor the temperature of the water. Also bright lighting reduces the effectiveness of many medications. You also may need a few air stones to increase the oxygen supply because many medications tend to reduce the oxygen supply in the water.

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