Tropical Fish Diseases and Cures


DROPSY: There are many Tropical Fish Diseases such as Dropsy. The symptoms of dropsy is a swollen body, protruding scales and the fish looks like a pin cushion. The cause of this disease is organ failure due to poor water condition, old age and cancer. Dropsy can be treated with antibacterial medicated food and better water conditions. Though it is rare, fish can recover from this aquarium disease.

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As you can tell from the picture above, tropical fish do get sick. Many of these tropical fish diseases are caused by poor maintenance of the aquarium such as improper water changes and cleaning. Many of these diseases can be cured with the proper medication and other techniques. I'll show you the symptoms and what to do if you run into this problem. Unfortunately, the poor guy in the picture doesn't stand much of a chance with dropsy but if you catch the disease early it can be cured. There are many products on the market today that does a fantastic job on such diseases. A Great Way To Treat Your Fish Is To Set Up A Hospital Tank. Click Here To Find Out How.

Ich ICH: Tropical Fish diseases such as Ich is an appearance of small white spots on the body and fins. Fish that have this disease will constantly scratch themselves on gravel and decorations in your aquarium. It is caused by adult parasites falling off the host and multiply in the substrate. To treat ich you must remove the fish and place it in a quarantine tank and treat it with Formalin or Malachite Green found at your neighborhood pet store. You still have to treat the main aquarium with this medication.

Fish Louse FISH LOUSE: Fish louse is a disk-shaped parasite that is attached to the skin. Ulcers develop close to the parasite and bacteria and fungus problems may follow. This is caused by crustacean parasites. After feeding on the skin, the adult parasite leaves the host and lays eggs on the gravel and aquarium decorations. The only way to treat this is to remove the parasite with a pair of tweezers. Dab any wounds with commercial Mercurochrome. You need to remove all the water and sterilize the tank including gravel and decorations to remove this parasite.

Finrot FIN ROT: Fin rot is reddened or inflamed, torn or ragged fins. The main cause is bad water conditions or an injury. This is why water changes are so crucial in maintaining healthy fish. You can treat this parasite by adding proprietary medication ( fungus cure, ich cure ) and add 1 tablespoon of marine salt for each 5 gallons of water and remove the carbon from your filter.

Velvet Disease VELVET: This aquarium disease is a golden velvet or grayish white coating that's on the body and fins. This is very common on fish like bettas. The cause of velvet is parasites in the water that move around until they re-infect the fish in your aquarium. If the parasite doesn't find a host in 2 or 3 days they die. You can treat these sick tropical fish by adding malachite green.

Fish Fungus FUNGUS: This type of disease is white growths on the body and fins that are fluffy and almost looks like a white cloud. Fungus often attacks the mucus or slime coating on the fish that has been damaged by injury or parasites. You can treat Fungus with methylene blue or use aquarium fungicide.

Gill Parasites GILL PARASITES: This is an aquarium disease that affects the gill area of your fish. The fish has labored respiration with scratching, excessive mucus coat, glazed eyes, inflamed gills, loss of motor control and redness in the gill area. Sterazin and formalin baths can treat this disease.

Hole In Head HOLE IN HEAD: This disease is a puss filled holes that are in your fish's head. The cause is a parasite called Hexamita. To treat this disease, add aquatic vitamins A and C supplements are effective.

Intestinal Parasites INTESTINAL PARASITES: Worms stick out through the vent of the body. These are intestinal worms. Standard fungus cure and 1 tablespoon of aquarium salt per 5 gallons is a great way to treat this disease. Just make sure you remove any activated carbon before starting any treatment. Change 15 percent of the water to keep water conditions optimal.

Mouth Fungus MOUTH FUNGUS: This fungus forms around the mouth and has white cottony growths. If you don't treat it early enough, the jawbone begins to deteriorate badly. The cause of this disease is flexibacter which follows after other infections have set in. Fungus treatment such as methylene blue is effective but you need to catch it in it's early stages for it to work.

Popeye Disease POPEYE: The symptoms of popeye is the eyes of your fish are inflamed and protruding from their sockets. Often the eyes develop a cloudy white haze. Parasites and poor water conditions are a common cause of this disease. Unfortunately there is no cure or treatment for this tropical fish disease. The best thing you can do is improve water conditions. Aquarium salt is very beneficial in improving the condition of your water.

Skin Flukes SKIN FLUKES: Inflamed skin, excessive mucus coating and scratching are symptoms of this fish disease. Find medications that are recommended for skin flukes to treat this disease. I have found that to prevent tropical fish diseases such as skin flukes is to add aquarium salt. This is very inexpensive and is very beneficial for your tropical fish.

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