Tropical Fish Tanks

There are many Tropical Fish Tanks tanks to choose from. There are cylinder, rectangular, L shape, bow front just to name a few. There are many issues to decide on which tank is right for you. Size, water volume, and the shape have a lot to do with the type of tropical fish that you want to put in it. You should at least purchase a 10 gallon tank to provide adequate water conditions for you fish. The shape of an aquarium helps determine the amount of oxygen in the water so be very careful on purchasing some oddly shaped aquariums. Tall aquariums has a small water surface which in turn has less gas exchange going on than a shorter tank with a longer surface area. Tanks that are oddly shaped and tall may also be harder to clean. You also may have to jump in to reach the bottom in order to decorate your aquarium. LOL Filters and hoods may be harder to come by if you purchase a oddly shaped aquarium and may be more expensive to purchase than a standard aquarium. With that said, there are a lot of cool Fish tanks to choose from. If you have your heart set on an L shaped aquarium and you have the perfect place to put it, by all means go for it. Here are a few style and shapes that you might be interested in. There's a link at each picture that will take you to a site that will give you more information. Good Luck

Bow Front

Bow Front

Cylinder Tank


Flat Back Hex

Flat Back Hex

Hexagon Tank


L Shape Tank

L Shape

Pentagon Tank


Quarter Cylinder Tank

Quarter Cylinder

Teneview Tank


Vista Corner Tank

Vista Corner

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