Types Of Tropical Fish For That Perfect Aquarium

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There are many types of Tropical Fish to choose from to build your aquarium. There are exotic tropical fish, Freshwater fish, community fish and aggressive fish. Mixing the proper blend of aquarium fish so they don't end up killing each other well obviously is very important. For instance, expecting an aggressive Firemouth Cichlids to live peacefully with a passive Neon Tetra would be a horrible combination. The Tetra wouldn't last the night. Nothing against the Firemouth but they just don't get along with a certain type of tropical fish. It's just a good idea to mix community fish such as Swordails or Black Mollies with other gentle fish. Just as Firemouths would get along with other aggressive fish such as Jack Dempsey's and Pink Convicts. You just have to be careful.

On this site I'll show you the various types of fish. You can decide for yourself the perfect combination of fish that you would add to your aquarium. That way you won't wake up in the morning wondering what happened to your Neon Tetra and your Firemouth is smiling happily with a fat belly.

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